Company Portrait

The online marketplace is Egypt’s online market leader in the fields of IT, consumer electronics and telecommunication. It’s offering consistently low prices as well as fast, reliable and free delivery.


We enable a comfortable and efficient shopping experience at consistently low prices. At the same time, we create a comprehensive platform for inspiration, information and communication that invites customers to actively participate.

Our Values

Rigid hierarchies, inflexible department boundaries, paralysing bureaucracy and selfish teams – no way. That’s everything we don’t stand for. We relish teamwork and collaborate on equal terms across all departmental and management levels. And we’re obsessed with mastering our challenges efficiently and effectively. The crazier a solution seems, the keener we are. Because we love experiments – especially when the findings take us a step further. And there’s one thing we’re unbeatable at: celebrating important events and achievements with exuberant parties.